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Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of releases.

Delusions of Grandure
Release Date: 2001
Out of Print
McNastee's debut CD, it shows flashes of brilliance along with hints of his transition from punk group front man to rapper.  
01. Intro
02. TV Rots Your Brain
03. Repay Them In Spades
04. Screaming My Name
05. Jack Move
06. I Hope This Makes You Mad
07. For You
08. Thizz One Goez Out
09. The Unstoppable
10. Smile 2001
Dr. Gigglez
The Doctor's In
Release Date: 2001
Out of Print
Dr. Gigglez debut CD signified horrorcore at the time. Raw, edgy, you loved it or you hated it.  
01. Intro
02. They Call Me Dr. Gigglez
03. Right Here
04. C-Section
05. Tears Of A Patient
06. In Scalpels We Trust
07. Orgy In the Morgue
08. Chainsaws & Scalpels
09. Remedy
10. Off With Ya Head
11. Vissions
12. Born Alone
13. Dear Mr. Mills
Release Date: 2001
Out of Print
McNastee's sophomore release demostrates his capacity as a rap artist. Very solid rap CD that showed McNastee's talent on the mic.  
01. I Don't Exist
02. Coming For You
03. TV Rots Your Brain
04. What Would You Do
05. Committed
06. Cuz I'm a Ryda
07. Can I Live w/ Wise G
08. This One Goes Out
09. Original Killas
10. RR In This
11. Leave Me Alone
12. Growin' Up
13. XIII
14. Why Can't We
15. Goodbye
16. For My People
Worm Quartet
Stupid Video Game Music
Release Date: 2001
Out of Print
Rydas Records first non-rap CD, this comedy album scored rave reviews amongst the comedy crowd, including having song of the year on the nationally broadcast Dr. Demento Show.  
01. Initial Introductory Prelude
02. Dear God
03. Mommy's Broken
04. Boning Away At The Ottoman
05. Frank's Not In The Bad Anymore
06. Ode to Phil
07. Mommy's Broken (Underwater Version)
08. Pac-Man is Naked and So Should You
09. Deodorant
10. I Hate Syracuse
11. Get a Real Dog
12. Mommy's Broken (Dance Remix)
13. Long Story Short
14. Minuet In G
15. Thermometer Of Doom
16. Too Fat For The Pit
17. Mommy's Broken (French Version)
18. Done
19. Ice Cream Has No Bones
20. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Lib
21. Mommy's Broken (Backward Version)
22. I Wanna Poop In Diane Sawyer's Mailbox
23. Deadanimals
24. Call Me Jennifer And Steal My Stapler
25. That Better Not Be A Fucking Raisen...
26. Mommy's Broken (1992 Live Import)
27. Road Bliss

Various Artists
Release Date: 2002
Out of Print
This promotional only release was given away as a CD-R and as a download. No longer available, those who managed to get their hands on this CD have a unique part of Rydas Records history.  
01. Konstant Centz w/ McNastee - Concept (Remix)
02. ONH Rydas - Rhyme Rippin'
03. Kulture Shokk - H-Town Anthem
04. Rydas Records - We Smoke Enemies
05. 999 - Sown Shut
06. The Practice - Desperado
07. Chaoz and Wax - Criminal Mind
08. Kozzmik - Question
09. Slaughter Theory - Krazy Slaugtherahz pt. 2
10. McNastee - EZcum EZgo
11. Konstant Centz - Rock It
12. Full Scale Riot - Get Ready
13. sXe - Interlude
14. Worm Quartet - Dear God
15. Doozers - Fifty Thirteen
16. Worm Quartet - The Rabbit Song
The Black Rose
Release Date: 2003
Out of Print
A long anticipated CD, that has turned into a collector's item.  
01. The Black Rose
02. 5 Times
03. Wash Me Away
04. Disappearance
05. Pits Of Sacrifice
06. Passage Ways
07. Rip Through You w/ Jason Porter
08. Stigmata
09. Burn Your Face
10. Morpheus: God Of Nightmares
11. Death Is Certain w/ Slinky
12. Hypnosis w/ Torchur
13. Break It Open
14. Crank The Chainsaw pt. 2
15. Blood w/ Mars
16. Is It Possible
17. Bust Em Up pt. 2 w/ Mr. Sche
Jason Porter AKA JPD
Vengeance Is Mine
Release Date: 2004
Out of Print (limited edition)
Jason Porter's first solo CD sold out shortly after it was released. Those lucky enough to get the first pressing a rare piece of Jason Porter history.  
01. The Beginning...
02. Put It Down w/ Mikel Knight
03. Morphine
04. Die w/ D-Mentd
05. What They Say w/ Jenna Ferone
06. Burnt By The Son
07. Basketcase w/ Bloodshot
08. Stupid Bitch
09. Don't Fuck Around (Remix)
10. I'll Tell You
11. People Like Me
12. East To The West w/ McNastee
13. The Basement
14. Put It Down (Remix) w/ Q-Strange
Release Date: 2004
Out of Print
Menacide's first release on Rydas Records does not dissapoint. Pick it up while you still can!
01. WMMR Intro
02. Braggin' Rightz
03. Walk With Me w/ Majik Duce
04. Punk'd
05. Tha Real w/ Realistikk
06. Blood & Water
07. Underground King
08. I'm A Problem w/ Heavy Hittaz
09. Dude Like Me
10. Trippin'
11. Drugz w/ Proof Of D12 & McNastee
12. Bootleggaz w/ Heavy Hittaz
13. Die Slow w/ DJ Shy One & Mr. Sche
14. Hate Ballad
15. Tha Basement w/ Q-Strange
16. Can't Compare
17. Journey w/ Shannon
18. Tongue Sick (Menacide Remix)
19. Drugz (Rockwise Remix)
20. Want U 2 Hate Me (Killmatic Remix)
21. In A Daze (McNastee)

Jason Porter
Vengeance Is Mine
Release Date: 2005
The second pressing of VIM featured the addition of two tracks and all new artwork  
01. The Beginning...
02. Put It Down w/ Mikel Knight
03. Morphine
04. Die w/ D-Mentd
05. What They Say w/ Jenna Ferone
06. Burnt By The Son
07. Basketcase w/ Bloodshot
08. Stupid Bitch
09. Don't Fuck Around (Remix)
10. I'll Tell You
11. People Like Me
12. East To The West w/ McNastee
13. The Basement
14. Noone Survives (Remix)
15. 2 Whiteboys w/ Intrinzik
16. Put It Down (Remix) w/ Q-Strange
Camp Horror
Release Date: 2005
Bloodshot kept it wicked with this 2005 release. This CD became a instant horrorcore classic.  
01. Camp Horror
02. Stampede
03. Bring It On
04. Bread Bread w/ Con-Crete
05. The Infected
06. Horrorcore Salue
07. Shivering and Shaking
08. Watch Out
09. Tremors
10. Bloody Dreams w/ Shy One
Heisser Scheiss
Release Date: 2006
T.O.N.E-Z debut CD on the scene, this album was released exclusively through Rydas Records  
1. Intro
2. Maw Fiya (Waste Remix)
3. Twin Gatz w/ Myzery
4. This Is For w/ Geist
5. Fake Ass Friends
6. Miracles w/ Lo Key
7. Mannaquines (Inzane Remix)
8. R U Ready w/ Intrinzik
Bonus Track: Jason Porter ft. T.O.N.E-Z - Burnt By The Son
Street Symphony
Release Date: 2007
The last pressed Rydas Records CD, this long awaited album is a fitting finale.  
1. MaesTRO
2. Supreme Product
3. 60 Seconds Or Less w/ Emerg McVay
4. 2 Kill A Mockingbird
5. Sammy Gravano
6. Shoot 1st w/ Dayton Family, The
7. Confession Booth (Skit)
8. Blowjob Betty
9. Weed Song w/ Cyco
10. Better Or Worse
11. Symphony #7 w/ Mr. Sche
12. Oh No
13. Hustlaz Hymn w/ Majik Duce
14. Yada Yada
15. Click, Boom! w/ McNastee
16. H.u.s.h.
17. Walk The Walk w/ J Reno
18. Bernie (Skit)
19. Ballad Of Sara w/ Lavel Jackson
20. See U Soon
21. King Gordy (Skit)
22. Drugz Finale w/ B-Real, Proof
23. Alumni (Outro) w/ Kool-Aide
24. I Remember w/ McNastee
Release Date: 2009
Posthumous Rydas Records release. This feature laden collection of Rydas Records era tracks is well worth downloading.  
1. Shut it Down Geist| Dkaid | Bloodshot | Menacide | Kartoon
2. Slaughterahs Anthem FAK | Bloodshot | Geist | Nonsense | Creature C | Bio Killaz
3. Get Guns Music Geist | Juelz Santana (Mixtape)
4. Where Im From Geist | JSin
5. Murderah Geist | Crakd | Claas
6. Lose Your Mind Messiah | Geist
7. This Is For T.O.N.E-z | Geist
8. Flatline Geist