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Rydas Records was founded in 2000, by Philip Shirley A.K.A. KrAzY3. The goal was to support underground artists, unite them, and bring quality music to fans of underground music. Their first artist was Gash. After some early growing pains, and a search for talent, Rydas Records added Dr. Gigglez. Dr. Gigglez was active, performing shows with the likes of Wolfpac, and was a finalist in Mike E. Clark's rap contest.

The addition of McNastee helped Rydas Records grow. His groups Doozers, The Practice, and Full Scale Riot were added to the roster. Along with the punk group Doozers, Rydas Records also added popular comedy act Worm Quartet. Worm Quartet was popular among Rydas Records fans, although it was a marked departure from rap. McNastee also aided MK's (Claas) development as an artist. Claas performed as a hype man for McNastee and in their group Full Scale Riot. As McNastee's tenure was coming to an end, Rydas Records branched out, adding producers to their roster. The addition of Jason Porter marked the beginning of a new roster.

Bloodshot joined Rydas Records in 2002 and brought a new level of focus and enthusiasm. The addition of Menacide and GeiSt followed. Rydas Records also had a robust roster of producers over the years, including sXe (Corey), Hedcase, Grym, Waste, and PMC. T.O.N.E-z, joining in 2006 marked the final addition to Rydas Records. In 2007, Rydas Records ceased to exist. The final pressed release was Menacide's "Street Symphony" and the final roster was Bloodshot, GeiSt, Jason Porter, Menacide and T.O.N.E-z, along with producers Grym, PMC, and Waste. In 2009, Philip and GeiSt put together a free collection of GeiSt's Rydas Records era work, entitled "R.I.P." which marked the last release of any sort.
Old Rydas Records banner.
Rydas Records emphasis was on quality over quantity, to provide the best music possible. Styles varied, but there was an ever rising standards. To some extent, this proved to be the downfall. Rydas Records did not come to an end because of bad business deals, or strife. Rydas Records' standards became so high that moving forward became difficult. Talented acts were turned down, and some major projects are, to this day unreleased. The choice to let Rydas Records fade away was made so that everyone involved would be free to pursue other things.

Rydas Records list of artists, and associates was broad. Dkaid, Vega X, Dark Preacha, Kulture Shokk, Konstant Centz, Triple 9, TBMA, ONH Rydas, F.A.K., Nonsense, Madstylez, etc... Rydas Records artists recorded tracks with such acts as Dayton Family, Proof, King Gordy, Mars, B-Real, Lo Key, Myzery, Mr. Sche, Tech N9ne, etc... Rydas Records worked to be supportive of the scene as a whole. The goal of introducing fans to new music was fairly successful, releasing debut albums by such acts as Dr. Gigglez, McNastee, and Jason Porter. The emphasis on unity produced collaborative efforts over the years ranging from McNastee's "So Cold Inside", GeiSt's "Shut It Down", to T.O.N.E-z "Fake Ass Friends".

Most of Rydas Records past releases are sold out, but some albums are still available. Most on the final roster is still active. Bloodshot now runs SCE, GeiSt has released some of the best visuals the scene has ever witnessed, Jason Porter is a billboard charting producer, Menacide retired after releasing "The Pyrex", and T.O.N.E-z received an Emmy nomination. While Rydas Records is no more, keep an eye on it's past artists because you can expect more great things from them in the future.